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Services Provided

We provide wraparound care for three schools

Early Chillout

Always running late??

Need an early start??

Dont have time for kids to have breakfast??

Let us help you!!

Starting at 7am

Afterschool Chillout

Need someone to pick up the kids from school??

Let us help you!!

We pick up from 3 local schools

Until 6pm


We drop off and pick up from the following schools:

St. Georges Infant and Nursery School

St. Georges Newtown Junior School

Kendall Primary C of E School



At Afterschool Chillout we aim to provide a safe and secure and relaxed environment, offering a range of activities to reflect the interests of the children in our care.

What we offer

Our Club follows the Playwork Principles, so the children are free to choose activities and resources as they wish. There will always be a selection of activities and resources available, to name a few as follows: home corner, craft, board games, construction, computer games, physical play and reading. In addition other resources are available for the children to select from our equipment library.

What we provide

We provide breakfast for the children attending Early Chillout consisting of a selection of cereals.  The food we provide at the Club is not intended as a substitute for a main evening meal. We provide healthy snacks, including fresh  vegetables. We promote independence, by encouraging the children to choose their own snacks and to clear away after themselves.  We use fresh ingredients and follow statutory guidelines. Fresh drinking water is available at all times. We meet individual dietary requirements and parental preferences wherever possible. We recognise the importance of healthy nutrition for children delivered in a calm, friendly setting. We allow children to decide when they are ready to eat, but request that food be consumed whilst sitting at the snack table.


Price increases as of January 2024

Dropping of to St. Stephens Church Centre.  Drop offs only available as stated

Drop off at


Per day

2 hr session


Drop off at


Per day

1  and a half  hr session


Drop off at


Per day

1 hr session


Service Prices

Picking up from St. Stephens Church Centre.  For pick ups in between the hours please contact us.

Pick up at


Per day

1 hr session


Pick up at


Per day

2 hr session


Pick up at


Per day

3 hr session


What our customers are saying

My children love coming to Afterschool Chillout!!

AH - Parent of children at  both St. Georges Schools

My daughters confidence has improved tremendously since I started to use this service instead of friends and family!!

LW - Parent of child at Kendall Primary C 0f E School

My son never wants to leave!!  It makes me happy to know that he loves it here!! 

GM - Parent of child at St. Georges Infants

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